Aviation Litigation

Aviation LitigationWe have represented clients that have suffered terrible loses in all manner of aviation accidents. We retain expert pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers and visibility experts to analyze the issues that pertain to all manner of aviation accidents. Our lawyers have represented clients in both general aviation and commercial aviation litigation, including aviation accidents related to equipment failure, pilot error and air traffic controller error.

At Goldberg & Goldberg we have litigated aviation issues at both the Federal and State levels. It is important to note that weather sometimes is a contributing factor in airline/aviation accidents, but it is rarely the only cause of a crash or collision.

Our lawyers have been instrumental in resolving litigation related to the Hinkley Air Disaster, involving a sky diving junket that resulted in the death of 12 people when a World War II-era Beechcraft crashed in a soybean field outside of Chicago shortly after takeoff, and the Oshkosh Mid-Air Disaster which claimed the lives of four people, including an original member of the Manhattan Project, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

If you would like experienced legal advice regarding an aviation accident you or a loved one has been involved in, please contact Goldberg & Goldberg at 877-368-0233.

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