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Car Accidents

Car Accident

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident it is important that you contact a lawyer who has the knowledge and understanding to prosecute your car accident claim. The damages which you might incur in your accident are large and potentially unknown as they sometimes take days or weeks to appear. At Goldberg & Goldberg we have more than forty years experience representing the victims of catastrophic automobile accidents and are confident that our caring guidance and advice will help you get through what can be a difficult situation.

Immediately after an accident it is important to gather information from the other driver if you are physically able to do so. Some key pieces of information include the other driver’s name, address and insurance information. The names of any witnesses who might have seen the accident are also important.

DO NOT make any statements to insurance adjusters or private investigators. These people are working for the insurance companies and do not have your best interest at heart. Often time what you might think is a harmless statement can turn out to be damaging to your case. Politely advise anyone who contacts you that you can not make a statement at this time.

It is critically important that you have yourself examined by a doctor immediately. A medical doctor is trained to diagnose and treat injuries that may appear latent at the time of the accident. Sometimes auto accident injuries do not fully appear until several days or weeks after an accident.

At Goldberg & Goldberg we work with a full complement of investigators to combat the efforts that the insurance companies make to thwart legitimate claims. Our aggressive response to the prosecution of these car accident cases has resulted in millions of dollars of recoveries for our clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident and need legal counsel, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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“You won't find a group of attorneys that will be more dedicated to your case, and doing all the research needed to effectively present it. I especially know the qualifications of Joseph Preiser, one of Goldberg's very successful attorneys. Highly recommend them to one and all.”

Gary Myers

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