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Railroad and Train Accidents


Illinois has become one of the busiest railroading states in the country. Illinois ranks first nationwide in total railroad freight carried, total miles of track and frequency of train traffic. Illinois continues to be the hub of the nation’s railway system, a title it has held for 150 years.

Every year there are hundred of railroad and train accidents in Chicago and beyond. Often times these accidents result in severe catastrophic injuries and death. The railroads aggressively defend these actions and often cast blame on those injured or killed in an accident in an attempt to divert attention from their own negligence.

At Goldberg and Goldberg we have extensive experience litigating Railroad and Train accident cases. Our partners have served on the steering committees of lawyers representing those injured and killed in some of the nation’s most notorious mass train disasters, include the Amtrak-Bourbonais train litigation. We have also secured record verdicts and settlements in train accident litigation throughout Illinois.

For over 40 years Goldberg & Goldberg has been working hard to protect the rights of the victims of medical malpractice and other negligence in Chicago, throughout Illinois and nationwide. If you wish to discuss a medical malpractice or other matter with one of our lawyers, please contact us at 877-368-0233. You initial consultation is absolutely free.

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“You won't find a group of attorneys that will be more dedicated to your case, and doing all the research needed to effectively present it. I especially know the qualifications of Joseph Preiser, one of Goldberg's very successful attorneys. Highly recommend them to one and all.”

Gary Myers

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