Premises Liability

Premises LiabilityPremises liability accidents refer to those accidents or personal injuries that occur as a result of a defect occurring on someone’s property. Whether, the injury occurs on an escalator, an elevator, as a result of negligent snow removal or at an amusement park, these cases fall within the category of premises liability litigation.

A landowner is responsible to maintain their property in a manner that is free from negligent defects, and to warn others about the negligent defects if they exist. Failure to comply with these conditions is negligence. Depending upon the nature of a persons visit on to the property, a landowner has varying degrees of responsibility to keep the property safe.

Premises liability cases are often complex and involve other areas of the law, including construction and product liability issues. At Goldberg & Goldberg we have more then 40 years experience handling complex premises liability cases. Some of our cases have resulted in changes to the law which have had a positive impact on safety, including playground safety in the City of Chicago.

If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property and require the advice of an attorney, please do not hesitate to call Goldberg & Goldberg at 877-368-0233.

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